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Once upon a time a man died. Only his physical self died, however, and he still exists as a gaseous entity/powerful diety. He seeks his revenge on those who thought he was dead. This man is Xentaros.

From Humble Beginnings to DeathEdit

Xentaros was born as a russian farmboy on a farm. Then he "died."


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Xentaros' final form

Once Xentaros came back to life, he realized that the people who killed him were bad guys, so he followed them

to their hideout and killed all of them.



Actual photo of Xentaros before his Nascar race.

Then Xentaros became a NASCAR driver

Xentaros now:Edit

A evil spaghetti chef who has been dared to eat nothing but spaghetti for a week, and after eating so much spaghetti he is starting to affiliate spaghetti such things as Spagett into the real world. He is known to go on dates with many a beautiful wonan, but usually ends up blowing them off so he can go sniff the rank ass vent wind at Sbubuway.

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