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A Windmill is a device used for transforming wind into other energy, like electricity or love. Nobody really knows where windmills came from or what they intend to do with us, all we know is that, when they decide it is their time to rule our humble people, we will gladly serve them to the ends of the earth.


In The AmericasEdit

If you think of a windmill, it's probably in the wild west, right? Yeah. 50% of all costs incurred during the productions of westerns comes from the licensing of windmills, and it is not uncommon to find a windmill lawyer in western states such as texas, oklahoma, and southern ontario being rich and probably jewish too. Really, though, they're a lawyer, if they're not jewish they probably don't have a job.

In SpaceEdit

There is no wind in space

In The Middle EastEdit

800px-Perzsa malom
According to The Internet, the earliest windmills were used in Persia, and they were horizontal. Because I don't know how windmills work, I can't tell you what this diagram to the left means, but I can assure you that it is, in fact, a windmill, despite that it looks different from other windmills. windmills don't discriminate

In UsEdit

If you think about it, the heart is like a little windmill, right?


Windmills are generally believed to communicate using their mastery of the wind. Though some simple moods can be understood by the layman (a tornado means a local windmill is sorta mad, for example) it takes years of dedication and research to truly understand the nuances of windmill language, and a lifetime to become fluent. Because of this, many rural communities contain a caste of Windmill Diplomats, who dedicate their lives to healthy relations with their windmill neighbors.

Nah man just foolin windmills ain't real

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