Average episode of skooks

the average episode of skooks

Skooks is Orpheusftw's version of Scooby-Doo from "The Misadventures of Skooks".

Episode 1Edit

Some asshat named Orpheusftw decided to make the best ytp ever, and it came out as skooks.


Game over man, game over!

It started with Fred and Shaggy arguing about Japanese words, in which they were both weaboos anyway.

Skooks later decides to turn on the radio to see if anything was on, he was later assaulted by yiffing of uncle phil.

Sooner enough, the gang decided to form a plan, and shaggy was too busy being dumbshit and not understanding the plan.


Let's plot a course, intercourse!

Later, the gang went to solve mysteries, but Fred was too busy plotting a cource for intercoursce.

Skooks decided to not see the intercource between Vulma and Daphne, so he decided to go into ragemode.

YTPeen The Misadventures of Skooks - Part 1 5

YTPeen The Misadventures of Skooks - Part 1 5

Skooks episode 1, in all it's glory.

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