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Kamen before he met horse, who introduced him to rider

Kamen Rider is a Japanese Anime about a motorcyle, named Kamen, and its rider riding across Japan. there was a season about the motorcycle going solo, riding to russia, but nobody really likes that season

List of RidersEdit

Season 1Edit

Pyro (Team Fortress 2): Episodes 1-3. Lost Kamen at a biker bar.

The Batman: Episodes 3-3. Found Kamen at a biker and used it in one episode, to fight Calendar Man

Calendar Henchman #42576: Episodes 4-12. Found Kamen after his boss was defeated by The Batman, eventually him and Kamen had a disagreement and mutually decided to end their relationship.

Season 2Edit

Kamen: Episodes 1-15: Kamen goes solo, until meeting a great guy to settle down with. This guy then died, so Kamen went with AstralLunar

Season 3Edit

AstralLunar: Episodes 1-4: was together with Kamen until Kamen heard about astral's age

Theodore Roosevelt Episode 4-current: Kamen decided to go to space, where it found Theodore Roosevelt, who rides space-bike to this day

kamen and its friends

Kamen itselfEdit

Kamen is an independent bike who doesn't need no rider, don't worry about it

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