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Artist's Rendering of the Magnificent Beast known as Joshy

Joshy of Earth-1:[]

In the Australian Summer of 1994, in a towel-off country town known as Kookaburra Man-Cave, Saxton Hale and his wife Cheryl, decided to mate and produced their second spawn: Joshua Jedediah Jehosaphat. From a young age, Joshy loved tubas and also loved to fart with the local fart-commander. When he was 87 though, he gained the ability invisibility in the right hand, and fought a giant creature known as Tom Hanks for control of Australia. He won, but was soon told off by Teddy Roosevelt for trying to seize part of His world. Thus, Joshy was allowed partial control of the country as long as he kept the crocodiles and killer anacondas from ruining Teddy’s badassery time.

Jo-Shii of Earth-2:[]

In the 20th Dynasty of Emperor Theodore Rose E. Velt , a young couple in China gave birth to a being of immense power, creativity and beauty known as Jo-Shii. Unlike the modern day Joshy of Earth 1, Earth 2 Jo-Shii has powers based on magic, not science, and has a weakness in the form of wood. He is widely credited with reuniting the Mouseketeers in a building before burning it down, and is thus known as a sort of anti-hero in this Universe. Jo-Shii was killed in 2009 after Emperor Velt caught wind of Jo-Shii's potato smuggling ring.