Unicycle Jamboni

Jamboni Brothers' Pizza is a website and cartoon series created by Greg Duva. Discovered by Glitch from an ad on MSPA, Jamboni Brothers' Pizza is unknown by the general public due to how horrible and amazing it is at the same time.

The Saga of JamboniEdit

Greg Duva, creator of Jamboni Brothers' Pizza, is a unknown Catholic (we must stress that he's Catholic. Since he does too.) animator who has a lot of talent and rides a unicycle. He decided to introduce all of these things together into a single series starring three Italian pizza makers named the Jambonis. Greg made a few videos about them before going underground. His site was updated randomly with a new header around late May 2011, so we may see a resergance of Jamboni soon.

Did you know?Edit

"Everyone's a star"™ Brothers Pizza?

The Big Blue Bronx Bombers are coming after you?

Greg Duva is currently attempting to put Jamboni Brothers' Pizza on television?

Greg will do advertising for you on his unicycle?

Greg Duva needs a job job job?

Bunny may or may not have friended Greg Duva on Facebook?

Glitch once called Greg Duva for a Bro-Op interview, but was declined?

That Shiny wants to molest Greg Duva's daughter, even though nobody knows if she exists or not?


Greg Duva's Youtube Page

Jamboni Brothers' Pizza Site

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