Homesuck is an apparently popular webcomic thing existing on The Internet.
Andrew hussie gameplay

The Birth of homesuck in transient powers

It serves as a vehicle for porn for Weeaboos and other members of the Unmentionables who really could be doing something better, such as worshiping Theodore Roosevelt or singing about My Jeans. Instead, they create and then masturbate to porn starring the 13 year-old 'trolls' that star Homesuck, then bow down to the false idol Andrew Hussie

John Arbuckle, the unsung hero of Homesuck.

, otherwise known as the Lord of Weather. Clearly, Homesuck is concrete evidence that The Internet brings out the worst in the human race and thus must be eliminated for us to function as a society.

The only good and powerful thing to come from Homesuck is its creator, Andrew Pussie, who hates Jews and rapes children.

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