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Bunny in his element


Bunny is the angry, bearded, alcoholic of the group. He usually yells at other cast members and friends because they are "OUT OF THEIR ELEMENT". He enjoys playing TF2 far too much as well as open sandbox games because exploring is fun. With an open mind and a loudmouth Bunny seems to rarely be outspoken.


Bunny, from a young age, learned to appreciate the finer things in life: titties, alcohol, and titties. At the tender age of 11, he engaged in his first bout of coitus, the first in a staggering line of three whole times (three and a half if you count the time he found the lower part of a hooker lodged in a storm drain). Soon after, he developed a taste for the drink, and began on a life saddled by alcohol. However, when one typically thinks "saddled," they think of a poor, beaten down mule, bearing the weight of a thousand sorrows. In Bunny's case, "saddled" is used in a sense similar to how one would "saddle" a "hot babe" with a "saddle-themed sex toy" and then "repeatedly put your dick inside her." What I'm trying to say is that Bunny drinks and has fun.

Then he got on a podcast and was drunk publicly in front of a bunch of underage kids, which might be illegal.


  • Bunny is a fan of "The Big Lebowski" and drinks White Russians often.
  • Bunny enjoys Lucky Star, an anime with flat chested women.Have you even seen the knockers on Miyuki?
  • Bunny has two distinguishing scars on the back of his hands,some say these scars were given to him after selling his soul to Mephisto so that he could be granted such a rockin beard. Others say he was just stupid and put cigarettes out on the back of his hand.
  • Bunny may or may not be The Batman.
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