Every single game on this list, now with Mode 7 graphics!

Following the (non)success of the Vidya Challenge (sometimes written as Challange; we've heard it both ways), Bateman proposed that they kick it up a notch and play SNES games too, forming the Super Vidya Challange. And yet, the entire list is made up of games no one's heard of or would even want to play in the first place.

So the entire cast revolted and tied Shmoo up and forced her to play something other then Mass Effect.

Which still pretty much puts everyone on par with Arino-san.

How do I play this horrible thing?Edit

1. Open and input 1 - 688

2. Open and find your number

3. You have 72 hours (may change if found to be too short) from the time you start playing to complete the game without the assistance of another player


Player Game Result?
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