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Bro-Op is a podcast formed in 1921 by four bros. These bros, TheGlitchmaster, AstralLunar, CdiGanon, and Bunny, decided to make this podcast after a brief chat over Twitter and a collective mind-dump. In The Future they will make Neo Buddy: All Four Mommies and Him.


Episode 3: Ganon Sure Does Enjoy Video GamesEdit


  • E3
  • Dumb News: Duke Nukem being bad
  • Bunny yells at Astral violently
  • Ending Song: "TEREZIYES.mp4"

Episode 2: ART THOU BORED?Edit


  • Super Smash Bros 4 rumors
  • E3 predictions
  • Dumb News: Kotaku's "Fetishes of the Week"
  • Ending Song: Slowed down "ART THOU BORED"

Episode 1: Astral is NineEdit


  • Intros
  • Astral is nines
  • Let The Record Show for three hours
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