Boltman, in all his glory, about to punch some unsuspecting human in the dick.

It is imposible to convey the awesome might of Boltman into mortal words.

Boltman is literally incapable of giving a fuck.

The Word According to Boltman

  • I usually don't think the NFL should interfere with players' personal lives, but they were right to crack down on helmet to helmet contact. That should only happen on the field, ba-ZING!
  • There's another Boltman that has just as many fans. I'd punch him, but he's just so damn handsome.
  • I spent the last 9 days at a bus station punching everyone who walked in, that counts as my bye week. I hope nothing happened while I was gone.
  • Usually I pick a random stranger and punch them for every touchdown the Chargers score. Last night was Astral's turn, SUCKA WHAT
  • Football season is back, I don't expect it to change the number of balls I kick though.
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