Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Ctrl+Alt+Del and Barack Obama. The story should use X-rated tentacles as a plot device!Edit

Barack Obama sat at his desk. He had spent a long day upholding world peace and watching anime (Cure Peace is his favorite), and now he needed to relax. Suddenly, his phone rang. He picked it up and his secretary said "Mr. President? A Mr. Buckley is here for you."

Barack began to sweat in anticipation, so much so that he almost forgot to reply. "Y... yes, send him in." Barack quickly began to make preparations. He flipped a number of switches under his desk and suddenly, the room transformed. By the time Tim walked in, a bar and a bed, among other things, were present.

"Yo, B-dog, it's been a while!" Tim strutted in like he didn't know what was about to happen.

"Cut the crap, Tim. Don't strut in like you don't know what's about to happen."

"...but of course, Barack. Why else would you want to see me? But... can you handle it?"

"I... I can handle anything you throw at me. Show me them."

Tim took off his shirt. From his back sprouted a number of dark purple tentacles, which quickly grew to the size of arms.


Tim Buckley in his Squash outfit

"Are you sure? They're stronger than ever before... and my scientists have rated them level... X."

Barack nodded. He knew it was time to go wild and give into his passion. "Alright Tim... let's do this."

Quickly, the POTUS and the webcomic master walked over to the squash court that had shown up on one side of the room. Using his tentacles, Tim held several racquets, showing off his X level technique. But nothing could be done to stop Barack, secret squash master. He hit ball after ball with his lightning fast reflexes, surpassing what was humanly possible.

After it was all over, Barack laid down, panting. "Man, we should do that more often!"

"Sure thing, B-dog! But I gotta get home; the wife's been nagging me lately."

"Alright, T-bear. Have a nice trip home."

As Buckley left, Barack returned to his seat and flipped the switches back. No one could ever know that he was more than the President. He was the master of squash.

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