AstralLunar (otherwise known as Robin, the boy wonder) is the "little brother" of the hosts. Everyone claims


An Accurate Portrayal

that he's nine years old, even though it's rumored that he might actually be a few years older.

Astral is an incredibly talented detective who goes by the name of Thomas Edison.


Before Bro-Op, Astral was eight.


Astral's most powerful attack is his voice. He can make loud sighs or angry chirps to distract his foes, then finish them with a loud NENENENENENNENENE.

Astral was the star candidate of the Boys of Bro-Op swimsuit calendar, until everyone realized this didn't, and would never, exist. Then it became an only Astral calendar. His favorite game is The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, and he mainly plays on the DS and PC.

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